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Joni Sturgill, MS, Counseling Psychology, Chatham University (May 2015), BA, Communications, Slippery Rock University

For over a decade, Joni Sturgill has brought yoga and meditation to a diverse group of students. A 500 (ERTY) Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher trained at Kripalu. This is a form of Hatha Yoga using inner focus, meditation, standard yoga poses, breath work, "development of a quiet mind", and relaxation. Joni believes that happiness emerges from a healthy body and a peaceful soul. To this end, Joni holds a certificate from the American Academy of Drugless Practitioners as a Holistic Health Coach.

Additionally, Joni integrates her master's level experience in Counseling Psychology into her meditation work. Her unique blend of training results in a down to earth experience for people at all stages of their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual journey. Joni has published articles on Examiner.com and Elephantjournal.com, as well as on her own website blog at www.healthybodypeacefulsoul.com.

Joni Sturgill of Healthy Body Peaceful Soul will be offering a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training program (projected to be certified by Yoga Alliance). It will ONLY be available at The Brain Health Studio in Wexford, coming in the summer of 2015. Joni's unique program offers an integrated, compassionate perspective of yoga. It includes the study of postures and breathing exercises plus relaxation and meditation training, with a focus on the science that is now supporting much of these practices.

Your journey through this training tenders the opportunity for you to awaken to your greatest potential and most compassionate and clear mind. Through this process of self-discovery and self-transformation, you will learn how to nurture your mind, body and spirit, catalyze personal growth, and live life skillfully with a centered, deep-rooted happiness and peace.

Whether you feel called to teach and share what you learn with others, or whether you simply wish to dive into the study of this ancient healing practice for your own personal growth and enlightenment, the addition of the simple, yet hard science facts, about what the practices do for the health of your brain and other systems of the body, will ground you in the knowledge that yoga and meditation are essential practices for a healthy body and peaceful soul.

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