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Lecture Series: Amazing Brain by Dr. Paul Nussbaum
Wednesdays, 6:30-7:30pm Cost: Free
Location: Brain Health Center

June 28

An Introduction to Your Brain: Organizing the Regions and Functions of Your Brain

There is no more elegant system than the human brain. This introduction will provide an overview of the general and specific anatomy of the human brain offering different organizing methods to help understand how it all works. This talk sets the foundation for the entire series of talks on the mystery and power of your brain.

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July 26

Bridging Brain Regions to Your Behavior

Having set the foundation for the anatomy of the human brain and different organizing methods, this talk will turn to a more detailed overview of the behaviors that relate to the different structures and regions of the brain. In short, we begin to appreciate the mechanics and structures that make us who we are and help to explain why we may behave in certain ways.

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Sept 20

The Miracle of Reward System

Lying deep inside the middle of the brain, just under the folds of the Cortex, is a collection of older integrated structures collectively referred to as the Reward System. The critical structures of the Reward System are part of our Limbic System or “Emotional Brain.” This session will focus on the anatomy and function of the Reward System with direct implications for our overall health. While it is true that the Reward System is involved with addiction, it is also critical to our most powerful healing emotions and feelings.

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Oct 25

Shaping Your Brain for Health

Neural plasticity refers to a brain that is highly dynamic, constantly reorganizing and malleable. Indeed, your brain can be shaped for health regardless of your age. This session will review the basics of neural plasticity and promote Dr. Nussbaum’s Brain Health Lifestyle ® as a guide to building a healthy brain across your lifespan.

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