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Dr. Nussbaum cited on Brain Health in the Sept/Oct issue of Aging Today (www.agingtoday.org)

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Dr. Nussbaum published in Cybertherapy.

Results of National Brain Health Survey (MET/AARP) (Dr. Nussbaum was expert panelist)

Dr. Nussbaum's brain health lifestyle® cited in the
Boston Globe Online (10-28-09). More Information

Analyses of the data from Dr. Nussbaum and Emeritus AL’s pilot investigation on the impact of his Brain Health Lifestyle® on cognition, mood, and quality of life complete:

12 healthy older adults followed Dr. Nussbaum’s brain health lifestyle ® for six weeks and relative to controls they demonstrated increased delayed verbal recall. They also demonstrated enhanced knowledge of their brain and brain health, reported significant improvements in many areas related to quality of life, and were rated independently as improved in many areas of daily function, health, and disposition.

This is perhaps the first empirical measurement of a comprehensive lifestyle approach to brain health on indices of cognition, mood, basic knowledge of the brain, and quality of life! View Presentation...

Dr. Nussbaum stays busy publishing consumer articles on brain health.



Dr. Nussbaum Publishes article: Activity and Brain Health (2007).
Journal of Career Planning and Adult Development, 22, pp. 24-35.

Download Learning: Towards Health and the Human Condition Published in the March-April 2002 edition of Educational Technology.

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To download the entire monograph of Dr. Nussbaum's 2002 Mind Alert Special Lecture from the Amercian Society of Aging please visit these web sites:



Dr. Nussbaum is also a regular contributor for the Pittsburgh Post Gazette South

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Brain Health Across the Lifespan presented at the 12th National Alzheimer's Disease Education Conference in Philadelphia, July 16th , 2004.

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  • The Wonderful and not so Mysterious World of the Human Brain (#460)
  • The Secrets of Agin: Body, Mind, Society and Longevity (#1064)
  • The Brain and How it Processes Knowledge ( #1404)

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